The most craziest clutches you've ever done

Put them down here

Btw hope you guys have many interesting stories to tell (this post will probably die fast)

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Knew it it would die just after I made it XD

I pearl clutched and walked off the edge once

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Clutch moment at 1:42 - 2:06 (I was rusting during the recording session so don’t ask why I can’t bridge ok)

Asian servers? Cause I’d love to play with yall


time to play on Asia or Europe when grinding SW for ez xp

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I mainly play in NA or AS regions but I do AS when it’s night here for us and I only come to EU when I play with @Tanman or when I need easy kills when my wifi is gud

So wanna play some skywars sometime?


i snowball sniped a guy across the map
pro gamer

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beyond. fell into the edge after a 3v1, landed on a single block ledge 3 blocks below. made one guy jump off, the other tried to fall down also but got knocked. last guy fight on proper terms and won as i slipped.

not the best but im rather proud of it

i did that once except my block glitched and fell

I don’t have a video, but I blocked clutch 8 blocks long when someone was trying to hit me off the edge in SW.

um i already made a topic like this but whatever. I was playing against this super sweaty player on cityscape and pearl clutched like 7 times before killing him. I’ve also did this.

i have a vid, how do I post it here?

Upload it to youtube (unlisted if you don’t want anyone to see it) or to streamable

or just put the vid on google drive if u are to lazy to upload it on yt lol

This isn’t necessarily a “clutch” since I’ve never really done that, but one of my proudest plays would probably be when I was playing tw squads and I was the only one on the team and I took out 2/3 teams by myself. However I didn’t end up winning because the last team was really good lmao but I had a lot of fun:)

this happened three times, so basically i fell off while bridging in sw, then i pearled up on the side of an island and block clutched