The last minutes of the hard working H O N K

real footage. there is NO acting murderer!

one day in somewhere office,
the innocent H O N K is working there…

Then, that time is comming.


It was a peaceful day until HE showed up. Dude the music gave me nostalgia back in 2013 - 2018. I stopped listening to the music after that. And the duckling was working as a Hive Administrator, he had so much to live for.


That’s funny.
i hate the character limit.

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That’s crazy, especially with the killing sounds in the background to prove it’s real.

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Wow that very impressive that this happened in real time, but even more impressive is how long that took.


the BGM was also recorded real time. It was perfect timing to ring.
minecraft BGM made really peaceful atmosphere.

If the duckling was administrator, maybe, the murderer code name was 1.13.

yeah, 1.13 is went wrong.
we can do only just patience till fix.

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you noticed that.:shushing_face:
and H O N K may also noticed strange clip sound. He made some reaction.

However, he chose backing to work…

it was triple longer than I expected.:rofl:
the real time made miracle.

Poor Honk :sweat_smile:

Nice video you took here ! :yum:

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Thank you!.:laughing:

Poor HONK had no time to scream even he notice.
the crime finished under 3 seconds.


extra characters

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read very loudly!:rofl:

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this was so cute to watch.

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thank you! H O N K is glad to hear that. wagging his small tail swingy.:notes:

The Hive should make funny videos like this! It would be cool if they could also feature players in them!

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thank you for enjoying this video. I’m glad to hear it.

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