The Hive Replay Cinema!

The Hive need to add Replay cinema specially in this times many Hacker can bypass anticheat

Hive already has a replay system but it’s only available for staff right now.
Just wait a couple years and it will be open for players /j


This is an actual thing, please research next time

why hive dont want us to use the hive replay cinema to report players hacking!

Umm… you already can in Treasure Wars and SkyWars. Use the replay command and you will get the id. You can then use it with the reporting format in their Discord server.



Replay is currently only available for moderation purposes. As a player, you can currently do /replay and obtain an ID that you can use while filing reports on the official Discord server. After reporting, a Moderator will look into the report. (If you don’t have Discord, you are free to privately message either a Helper or Moderator on the forums to report someone).

Using a replay ID as player report evidence. - More information there. As mentioned by the user above, do keep in mind that replay is also currently only available in Treasure Wars & SkyWars.

If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to message me privately and I’ll be more than glad to help :slightly_smiling_face: