The Hive Circuit

Today I’m happy to announce a tournament thingy called

The Hive Circuit!

So basically there are 8 players competing (because that’s the most you can have in a party) and you’ll play all of the Minigames in this order:
Hide And Seek
Survival Games
Just Build
Treasure Wars
Murder Mystery

After all the games have been played, I will tally the points and publish the results on this thread. After 12 weeks, the final standings will be announced and whoever has the most points by then wins!

There isn’t a prize because I’m broke lol

I don’t have discord either so I might make a giant dm with the competitors (if that’s possible)

So yeah good luck if you enter


Yeah I’ll enter lol.

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I’d enter aswell as much as I hate h&s and mm xd it would be worth it

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Yeah I would enter. When does it start and how do I apply? Also add me as a friend please so I can actually do it! :wink:

Friend HolyPotato263 on the Hive server.


Friend HolyPotato263 on the Hive server.

It starts next Saturday, at 5:30 PM British time.

You can also apply here, just friend HolyPotato263 on the Hive server.

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i join video game, and okay

It’s a good idea but I’m bad to pvp… I’m better in Just-Build, Hide and Seek, Murder Mystery (coins) but I hardly ever play Deathrun… It’s why I’ll not join, if I was good to pvp I could join but I’m not… Sorry.

If it was just those games I wouldn’t play, it needs to be all games to be realistically a circuit and also it’s just a bit of fun, doesn’t matter what your good at

Yeah I know but I play Minecraft with my phone and pvp with phone is really hard ! And you’re right.

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I hope I will be able to come

friend me on the hive server @ HolyPotato263

It doesn’t matter if you’re bad or good, you can still sign up. It’s not like the circuit is a matter of life and death.

Well in that case…
Can i join?

I just looked at the time converter and it will be at 6:30 am for me on a sunday so I won’t be able to compete. Good luck to yall!

Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 6.48.28 AM

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Edit: guys it’s today tomorrow (whoops)

and i now have discord

but how do i invite people to a discord (I’m on mobile)


What’s your discord tag I can help you if u like

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HolyPotato263#5070 is my tag

I’m Apathetical Demoralisation#4520

Ok everybody, use the link below to get to the discord!
click here