**The High standards, Deathrun map clitch**

Affected Service (Deathrun):

What is the bug?

The map has a jump with jump boost at the beginning of the map to jump down into the deathrun fun… Which in this case is leading directly into another EZ map clitch
It is a easy way of dogging the trap beneath it also the trap that follows in which you can jump on the dispenser making it impossible to be killed in the dispenser trap.
The way i would solve or fix this is by placing a barrier wall on the roof of the map clitch, to prevent players from dogging the 2 traps

Screenshots and/or video:
Video on discord


I would need a video to be able to log and fix this. Could you send me the video you referenced on Discord? My tag is Lewis#3636 and my nickname on the Hive Discord is Splodger.


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I’m pretty sure they are talking about Snowfall, at the part where there is jump boost past the 1st checkpoint, you can jump and leap and skip the fire trap. I don’t think this is a bug.


i think he means the green particle part where people jump on the wall

hello! please can you say how to reproduce the issue? thank you!

I think they liked my post because I guessed what they meant.

Thank you @BlueSlimeMC. I will investigate shortly and report on this.

If this is indeed about Snowfall, this is an intended feature of the map :slight_smile: