The healing bee

The healing bee is a healing item that can make a field of healing that you and your teammates can share

It’s item will be a bee spawn egg and can heal up to 4.5 hearts, and has a duration of 3 seconds

It has a 43% chance of dropping in gold ores, and it cannot heal other players

The area of heal will change color for each team using it, and for a 9% chance of a golden healing bee that can give 3.5 absorption hearts

There already is the spell of life book in sky wars


not your whole team tho, but isnt this what the campfire does in skywars


Good idea! But spell of life already exists. It is cooler than that tho!

Also with how common you were suggesting the healing bee would be games could last a lot longer

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The campfire is an SG thing not sw


oh yeah my bad, i meant survival games not skywars

I like the idea of anything hive exclusive like a bee, but not in the way suggested. As above comments mention, healing items already exist and the game will last forever if more are included.

However I think it would be fun to have gamemodes in the upcoming mixed arcade games including kb nemo and bees because i love anything hive related to be included in minigames😊

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No that is in sg

He already knows