The Game Starts but I'm still on the lobby

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-Asia Region/Server, Treasure Wars Trio
(I’m not really sure what service is affected(I’m not that great at English)[date=2021-11-02 timezone="Asia/Manila"]

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-I have High Ping(Becuz I’m playing at 11pm so my internet sometimes have REALLY HIGH ping and/or sometimes I have LOW PING) when I joined the Treasure Wars Trio, and before I joined the game, there’s no player in the lobby but the “Start game in 3… 2… 1…” On the bottom of the screen is displaying and I’m confused there’s no other player besides me but the game starting, then the game starts but I’m still on the lobby(as u can see on the screenshot, the proof of the game started is there a timer/team’s color on the upper-right of the screenshot and on one of the screenshot the chat says “Red treasure Destroyed” and I can even break blocks on the lobby(but obviously if u break a block it’s gonna go back again) and I tried to fall down but I ain’t dying… This Could be a bug or just because of my high ping

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-Mobile(Android), mc ver. 1.17.1

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This issue occurs due to very high latency. To reduce the odds of this happening, you should take steps to improve your internet connection. Some good tips regarding this can be found here:

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