The game is too long

In my opinion 25 minutes is way too long, I think it would be a lot better if the game was cut down to 15 minutes with sudden death being at 5 minutes.

This would help prevent people from camping at their base the whole game working on defence and give them an incentive to rush other players. This change would make treasure wars a fast paced game overall which would make it much more fun.

In what way? They can still camp for the whole game.


They might not spend the whole game defending their treasure because they know it will get destroyed sooner from sudden death

  1. I think it should be longer. :thinking:
  2. But in a normal Treasure Wars game, you also only have 15 minutes before your treasure gets destroyed, right?

People still camp after Sudden Death, you know…


Yea I’ll just delete this post I just realised I’m dumb

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