=="The Frog" and "The Kangaroo" hub titles==

If you guy’s are wondering how to get “The Kangaroo” and “The Frog” hub titles.
Don’t sweat it, all you have to do is a “little” parkour.
It’s not too hard once you get the hang of it, and it’s even easier if your on console or PC.
But if your like me and play on pocket edition…
Let’s just say it takes practice…
But once you get the hang of it it’ll take a couple tried and eventually you’ll get it.
There are two segments of the parkour,
the first one is 4×4 block platform’s and when/if you finish it you will see a little statue robot, click it and enjoy “The Frog” hub title.
The second hub title is “The Kangaroo”.
If you walk past the statue robot you will see another parkour set.
This time it’s harder because the step’s are one block platform’s…
I haven’t had the chance to get it on this account, so no screenshot.
Sorry :frowning:


imo the 1 blocks are easier than the 2 blocks because you jump more(and therefore get more momentum)

I’ll try to record myself doing the parkour

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I look forward to it…