The Fourth Large Forumers Screenshot

Good idea, thank you.

I will put all the needed polls in the “polls” tab on the main post shortly, I’m in class lol

I think eu would work best for most people but idk

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I clicked on the poll in the exact same second you edited the post.
I’m really excited for the forums screenshot. I hope I don’t accidentally miss the date :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I can not come

it’s 6 pm for me, i hope i will join!

Polls tab is now active, please vote so I can determine what region the SS will be held

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Just remembered I will likely be very busy on Saturday morning


Lol me to because for some reason eastern time is favored a lot

per usual, asia region is irrelevant it appears that no one has voted on it being hosted in asia region, its 50/50 rn between na and eu, but i feel like for asia region players going to na would suck, so i will prolly hold it in eu


I agree. EU would probably be best for everyone since it’s kind of in between both regions, everyone would have the best ping.


My region is Asia but I voted Eu for the same reason

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Quick question, if this is in the Arcade hub, should there be a hub title we should all wear?

Yes! We all need to wear the Next Stop: Arcade Hub Title!

Don’t know if that’s a good idea, it will be hard to make everyone wear it. Plus, some people don’t have it, but it would be cool if we can manage it

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Is the time finalised yet?

I mean it would be cool if we all wore a hub title but not everyone has the same hub titles

So probably not

And the official screenie will probably be without nametags or anything to make it look cleaner

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Agreed. I think everyone should be allowed to use whatever they want. Also can we make it a rule so that we stay in a line? Something I noticed last screenshot was a user that stood in front of everyone. I personally think that if anyone is to stand in front it should be the hoster, in this case Conhadda.

Also I would like to put my name forwards to host the next one.


Just wondering what time zone is the time based on?
Just found out it is 1 am where I live so won’t be able 2 attend

For a possible location, we could do it on the new train.

Also my friend request to the account “Hiveforumers” hasent been accepted.

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yep, ill accept all them eventually

also yes please stay in line or ur cringe

also i think i accidently broke my forums login streak of like 600 days


Do I have to face the camera? Also, should we all wear our main skins? Just a few questions. Other than that I’m starting to get excited! I hope this goes well!