The Fourth Large Forumers Screenshot

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the official thread for the Fourth Large Forumers Screenshot. This thread will include all the info and communication for the screenshot. Read the Q&A below to get info.


What is the “Large Forumers Screenshot?”

The Large Forumer Screenshots is a staple event in the Forums Community. In the past, 3 events have taken place. (Pictures down below) The first two were organized by ThanPixel. And then @HolyPotato263 organized the third one. Forumers would come together and have a giant screenshot on the hive sign (or at least, for the first one, the second and third one was in a cs) and just have a fantastic time, it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

When will it take place?

It will take place on 2022-06-04T15:00:00Z. This time is NOT set in stone, and will probably be changed. Let me know if there is a better time.

Where will it be held?
It will hopefully be held in the arcade hub, but if not there, in a cs to avoid randoms joining.

How do I attend?

Plan to attend? Friend the account, “HiveForumers” to participate


What region should the SS be held in?
  • NA
  • EU
  • Asia

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Please fill out this poll to let me know if you are coming.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure

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Please share this thread with as many forumers as you can, and please dont hesitate to reach out to og’s or people who were previously on the forums on discord or any other messenger

Previous Screenshots

The First Forumer Screenshot

The Second Forumer Screenshot

The Third Forumer Screenshot

The Fourth Forumer Screenshot

Coming soon


Yeah I’ll try to make it😄


Why not, you deserve to host one
I’ll try to be there!


WHAT? The timing was perfect for when this will happen! I will definitely show up, and I hope this goes well! Thank you for hosting!


9 am is kinda early for my sleep schedule during the summer :skull:


I just checked my calendar I should be able to make it… Just have to set an alarm

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i looked online and it said 9 est was when most of the internet is awake

its gonna be early for me too but hey gotta do it

also mega updates to the thread so please re read it and stuff if u already checked it out

Please share this thread with as many forumers as you can, and please dont hesitate to reach out to og’s or people who were previously on the forums on discord or any other messenger

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same lol

i put it on a saturday cause im still in school, and after arcade releases, cause im sure hives player count is gonna go crazy and i think attendance would be higher than instead of doing it in may

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It says its not a valid player

@FishKing2000 fixed

Very happy that it’s a Saturday, but I think I will have a struggle of a time waking up

Edit: thank you for hosting!


Dont know about anyone else, but i don’t think i can wake up at 6 am for this. Maybe adjust this?

O I forgor about west coast people :skull::skull:

We will see if more people want it changed, I’m not gonna adjust it for just one person sorry lol

Thats alright, I could name a few people that live in the west coast. But why dont you change it to 9 am PT and 12 EST? Like how the last forum screeny was hosted iirc

That would be a much more convenient time for me lol

Maybe, I’ll wait for more user input and the screenie is still a month off so everything is still up in the air

The time is just there so u can get an idea, please feel free to discuss better times and create polls

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Well, here I go

What time change would you want?
  • Minus 3 or more hours
  • Minus 2 hours
  • Minus 1 hours
  • Same time
  • Plus 1 hour
  • Plus 2 hours
  • Plus 3 hours
  • Plus 4 or more hours

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6am is kinda early, anything after 8am pacific time would work for me

I might have missed this but will it be eastern time zone?

gonna be in an entirely different state unfortunately

i think i’ve missed every single one lol