The forum games!

Who would be interested in participating in a skywars tournament cs?

I would like to join!

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If enough people say they will join I will edit it and say when it will start :splodger:

When is this tournament?

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make a pole
like this

Do You Want To Play The Tournament?

  • Yes I want to play
  • Nah I don’t

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well make it so that it shows who want’s to play…otherway he won’t know who will show up


What’s the time of it because I may not be online then

On what region?


oh uh- if i edit it it’ll reset tho

Not into PvP tournaments, sorry!

Will there be any prize for winning?

I can join if the time is suitable for me

Yea same

Yea me as well

Same cause i have school

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depends on what time really, but fn no

When is it? And what region?


They haven’t responded to any of these so idk mabye they can’t go play on weekdays