The Cubeeverse

There’s the multiverse and the spiderverse so why can’t there be a Cubeeverse?

Movie coming out in 2030

Some of the characters:

Normal Cubee

2D Cubee

Plushie Cubee

Every Cubee below was made by me
Drawn Cubee

Particle Cubee

Redstone Cubee


Trailer out soon!

I have no idea what the point of this topic is but I might actually make that trailer


I’d be lying if i said that this wasn’t a topic on the forums
CuBee man into the CuBeeverse

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The redstone cubee made me smile lol

Hollywood really outdid themselves this time. I’m hyped for the Cubeeverse, featuring Obama as Cubee, Nicolas Cage as 2D Cubee, Oprah as Cubee Plushie, Will Smith as Drawn Cubee (insert slap here), and many more


I heard that Shrek himself is playing the Redstone Cubee. Anyways, very good job. The cubeeverse needs to be a thing now. You deserve buzz badge for this.

Cubees: No Way Home

Ok so this isn’t a trailer and I don’t think I’ll make a trailer but I did make a video that has to do with the “lore” of The Cubeeverse

Thanks to @iGaboDabo for revewing the video!


Good thing you put an epilepsy warning lmao
Also where was the first part shot in?

I think it was right under the end of the hub parkour

That was a very good trailer!!
Just an opinion, for the assassin part I think someone wearing the Assassin costume would have been better. And then during a climax scene or something, the person will take of their costume and revwal themselves to be Decoy( just an idea)

Also, I don’t know where it was shot but it dwfinitley wasn’t below the parkour as there is this flowing water thing there. If I was to take a random guess, I’d say it’s somewhere in the castle

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Although this would be cool it wouldn’t really fit in with the future story (also I can’t really get an assassin skin bc I’m on Xbox lol)

Also for the place it was filmed I can show you later

Thanks for the feedback!

New lore video + poll

Should I keep the videos unlisted or make them public?
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Wow, very good job! The moment I pressed play, I was hooked! I can’t wait to see what happens next! (Also, nice editing!)

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Lore vid and another poll

Who’s side are you on?
  • Cubee’s side
  • Axolotl’s side

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