The Chat Option needs to be removed

You read the title right. They should remove the chat option from Murder Mystery to prevent others from exposing the murderer. It ruins the game and excitement for others. That’s why it’s called ‘Murder Mystery’ for a reason.

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its not like anyone really uses it, and part of the whole game idea is teamwork, you tell people what the murderers skin is so that they know who to kill

and its not like people who were already killed can chat


Wouldn’t really work since most people wears the same skin as well and you could possibly kill the innocent instead of the murderer.

if the strategy is not effective, why do you want it removed lol


I always saw the game that if you were alive, you could tell other alive players who you think the murderer is, but not if you’re eliminated already. That’s how I’ve always played.

I don’t think this would ever be considered, although, it would be cool to have something in between, such as a toggle for it, where you can toggle on/off like “Alive Chat” for murder mystery, if that makes sense. Best of both worlds.


I agree man! It hurts on another level when they tell you the murderer right in the chat itself.

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If the murderer is good enough they won’t be exposed anyways.

Besides like others have said it’s hardly ever used.


Also make this a suggestion and you can vote yourself though it will likely not be added, A simpler way to do it is to just add a spectator chat. So you only see messages of the people who are alive.

If someone exposes you as the killer then that’s on you for not being sneaky/quick enough


thats actually already a thing lol


First off If u get caught its your fault and second if someone says the murderers skin and your murderer I normally just blame someone else.

Hive Steve :flushed: bonk :hammer:

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Helping people who are still in the game after you have been eliminated is against the rules of the server.

Trolling or intentionally misleading other users is against the rules of the server.

how was mackoozie trolling???

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ok but why are we bringing it up?

bruh. the point of the game is to not get caught. pretty sure part of it involves confusing people if you are the murderer

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I was playing Murder Mystery once, and another player and I used the chat to tell other alive players who the murderer was.
However, a third player asked us to stop calling the murderer out. Ever since that incident, I have stopped using the chat to tell other alive players who I thought the murderer was just in case what I was doing was considered unfair gameplay.

One of the rules at states, “No trolling or any form of intentionally misleading other users.”
I was thinking that since Mackoozie was blaming someone else for being the murderer when he himself was the murderer, that could fall under intentionally misleading other users.

I am just bringing up so that people know the rules in case they did not before.

pretty sure the game is intended to be played like that

ok but not once did anybody encourage helping people after you died

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