“The Arcade” Trailer/Hype Video

This is a very short and simple idea, and it probably won’t be possible if the hive hasn’t already planned it.

I think the hive should make a trailer/hype video for the arcade similar to that of the sonic event. It would be posted about 1-2 weeks prior to the release of the game, and would feature little sneak peeks of the hub and new gameplay. This would be a great idea as it would further hype up fans for the release of the game and would also alert more people who don’t frequent the hive of the update.

I believe in general that the hive should be uploading more on youtube and tiktok (which im pretty sure they have abandoned) as they have quite a substantial following on these platforms as well. It would be good to see them consistently updating players on various updates they make.

Sorry if this post is pointless… I thought it would be a good idea lol.

They sort of already did this on their twitter where they released a clip of teh arcade hub

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i mean an actual edited video with multiple clips though…

In my opinion, I would rather wait. But interesting idea to have a trailer for it

An Arcade trailer would be interesting, but I don’t think Hive will have enough time to make a trailer ready before it launches on June 3rd. Overall, seeing a trailer would be interesting.

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