The Arcade Discussion

As Hive has just announced that ‘The Arcade’ (better known as: ‘Mixed Arcade’) is coming out soon, I thought I would make this topic!
Here, you can discuss all your thought, ideas, update and everything else, as long as it is about The Arcade.
I will also try to keep this post updated with everything that happens to The Arcade.

Ground Wars

Great Ideas


block party

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Plz hive.

Is good idea


thoughts on this?

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I remember seeing this ages ago, actually. It looked cool, so I will add it. Also, does anyone know how to make links look like this: ‘Mixed Arcade Idea: This Is A Test LOL - MrBongoTV’ (and then have the link blue)?

EDIT: Did it! (I think)

Click the paper clip button, paste the link in the top box, and type your text in the bottom box.

EG; A suggestion

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I’m honestly really excited to see what Hive does with this concept. Whilst I do enjoy pvp games, it will definitely be nice to have more relaxed games that I can play casually and have fun in doing so. Will hopefully lead to a less toxic community

me when no hive fighters (it has 109 votes)

edit: @MrBongoTV use this

(Warning: Incredibly long) Suggestion: Hive Fighters - HolyPotato263

that works too nvm


Insert reference to Bee Racers here

bongo ya linked it to the wrong post you dingleberry

There’s already a post about Mixed Arcade discussion, maybe that could be moved to Hive Discussion and this thread could be merged into it?

Hopefully most of the things in this are added.

Also mini bunp

Mixed arcade has been suggested for a dead while and honestly it’s been to long and 2022 is the last year the hive can really regain its #1 spot.

Its not a suggestion, its something the hive has been working on for a while

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he’s just correcting you


Yes, they’re sure.

Mixed Arcade has been on the roadmap for over a year now, and Charixel and ceoricon don’t mean any harm and are just trying to help.

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ok theory time

mixed arcade will have:
block drop (already confirmed)
ground wars (already confirmed)
block party (already confirmed, on a technicality of sorts)
the lab (makes sense if they stated they were working with dr zuk, the host of the lab)
gravity (how could they not?)
hive fighters (i just wanted to add this because its my own suggestion lol)

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Just changed my “Mixed Arcade Game Idea” to “The Arcade” Game Idea: Hitmen"

I really hope they add strider races it’s like my only good idea I’ve ever produced lol

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I hope they add Hole in the wall so badly, like the mcc one but hive can make it their style

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