TGT7’s quick sg guide

I’m thegamingtoyYT, mostly known for being mean to nons on the forums and over-analyzing suggestions, but when I’m not just watching youtube and sleeping, I play some sg, and I think there’s a lot of you players out there that need some guidance in terms of strategy, so I’m going to give my methodology for how I play, and will explain a typical game for me.

I won’t claim at any point that my style of playing is the best strategy, since there’s definitely ways I could improve my game.

Also I don’t really want people critiquing some of my strategies, but if you can do it constructively and give a good explaination, I’ll be fine with it.

At the start of the game, you want to run towards a mid chest, loot quickly, and then maybe try for another chest, preferably one that isn’t in the first row of chests, and then leave mid while looting any chests on your way out to somewhere that has a lot of chests and not a lot of people.

why you don’t stay at mid:
You don’t stay at mid to farm kills because you end up having to take difficult fights for not a great reward, if you leave mid immediately and start looting in an area with not a lot of players, then you can potentially get good loot and fight whenever you feel ready

Pvp is more complicated, and getting into exact strategies would probably take too long, so I’ll just say what you should and should not do.
Should do:

  • Use boom boxes to deal damage or impair your opponent before you melee.
  • Use a bow to deal damage or impair your opponent before the fight starts
  • Try to fight your opponent from lower ground.
  • Use snowballs if you have them to help combo someone.
    If you use cobwebs to trap someone, use a bow to try to kill them from longer range rather than a sword.

shouldn’t do:

  • The “Anti-Melee” strategy, this usually composes of someone trying to trap you in a web, use boom boxes, and then bow you, this strategy used to be extremely common when boomboxes got released, but has phased out. It doesn’t work since if your opponent dodges the webs, you could be very screwed.
  • Bowspamming, it used to work well like a year and a half ago, but nowadays is largely ineffective against players.
  • trapping someone in webs and using a sword to kill them can be risky, but does work if done right.
  • fighting from upper ground is a bad idea.
  • spamming webs and boom boxes should only be done as a last-ditch effort, and not as a consistent strategy, it uses a lot of resources and benefits you very little

How to take 2v1s:

If you’ve played sg for some time, you’ll know you get 2v1ed, usually it’s just sort of a accidental thing where 2 people fight you simultaneously, but sometimes you’re getting teamed on, or just playing duos. I’m not amazing at 2v1s, but I can give some tips that work for me

  • Always go for the person with the least armour to get a health boost to kill the second person.
  • if people have same armour, go for the person with the better weapon
  • if people have same armour and weapon, go for the person who is worse at pvp first.

Those tips might sound counter-intuitive in some cases, but the person with the least armour can still deal a lot of hits to you if you don’t go after them first, and you can kill them faster and get health, also go for the worst player first since you can probably kill them quicker and have a better chance of winning.

looting in middle of game:
Make sure to go towards buildings sort of near the map that aren’t super frequented, if you aren’t familiar with any of these, just go towards lakes on whatever map you are playing on, and then just look around near those.

If you loot properly, you should rarely end up in a situation where you have under 6.5 armour bars and an iron sword, even if luck is fairly dry, if you consistently go into deathmatch or get close to deathmatch with worse loot then that, you need to improve at looting.

Miscellaneous tips:

  • Don’t use golden apples until deathmatch if you are able to do that.
  • Collect all food you get in chests
  • use your player tracker to find kills and hopefully catch people off guard
  • don’t overuse webs on one person if you use webs.
  • don’t play strategies you don’t understand well.
  • don’t underestimate the importance of supply crates and cache cows
  • remember that you can shoot a supply crate down with arrows or snowballs
  • don’t stand under supply crates
  • try not to spend too much time running.

During deathmatch, you want to eat any gapples you have, and get any boom boxes or snowballs in your hotbar, you only really need one thing of food in your hotbar, you should also put a campfire there if you can.

I’d suggest playing very aggressive during deathmatch, most people seem to be caught completely off guard by this, and if you are fast enough you’ll probably knock one person off into the water, and then immediately go over to fight the other people, I’d suggest running this strategy if you can play fast but aren’t top notch at raw pvp.

3 person deathmatches:
These are extremely difficult, in fact, out of the games I lost today, I lost 4 in 3 person deathmatches, and even was self-admittedly a bit mean when I called some people out for doing what I can only describe as borderline crossteaming while fighting me, they literally didn’t even sniff each other until I was dead, and what made it way worse was that I would’ve easily won the game if it weren’t for these people borderline cross-teaming against me. Unnecessary rant aside, I’d suggest waiting to see what your opponents do for a bit before going after them, if your opponents are still being passive for like 10 seconds, then you’re probably screwed and should play aggressive to catch them off guard.

if you can avoid causing 3 person deathmatches, please do so.

This guide is still sort of incomplete and rough, but I’ll fix it up in a day or 2


This guide was well written and it should help many people, and I am definitely gonna use the tips you gave and they seem good. Also when there is a deathmatch as soon as the timer ends I throw a fire boom box right in the middle, so the opponents avoid going to mid :laughing: its my strategy though LOL

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This is an amazing guide TGT.
I love this but

I can’t read more

Best hive sg guide tell me I’m wrong.


Great guide maybe I will play sg more!

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Sounds like a good idea, boom boxes are great to use to supplement you in pvp, but if you use them as your only attack vector, you’ll probably not do as great

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U are correct fire

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Thanks for helping. Sg has always been a struggle

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Wow. Thanks. Really helpful. Maybe I will get to see you play sometime.