Texture Pack help

Is there anyways for me to have this bone replace my hunger in my texture pack. Could I have the same amount of pixels, or do I have to do something else?

See the source image

Hi Hudson!
There ineed is a way to change the texture of the hunger bar, but the bone you are talking about is way too big :frowning: You could try remixing it to fit the size of the hunger bar, but then it wouldn’t look the same :(. Then you could also try reszing the hunger bar(s) to a higher resolution to suit the bone. (multiples of 16).

Tl;dr, it is not possible to fit the entire 16x16 bone in the hunger bar texture, but you could use creativity to make it look like one.

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Thanks! I know I would have to make it smaller, but is there a way to make a bone that fits within the hunger bar texture

So the hunger bar texture in icons.png is 9x9 pixels
Meaning you’ll have to re paint them.
I’ve done smth like this, idk
I dont see any other way to make them bones instead of default hunger bars

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