Teleporting back to hub bug?

Recently I saw a complain about a player being teleported back to hub after almost winning a game, I see he hasn’t reported the bug or I don’t know if it’s bug but I just wanted to let you guys know about it and see if it’s bug or an issue on the players side.

Hey there :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report. We sadly need some more information about this to be able to investigate.

Has anybody else experienced this recently?

I am not aware if anybody else has experienced this before but today he send this as proof , you can see on top of the screen “Time left” and “mystery chest spawn in …”


What happened is he left the game halfway through, rejoined Hive, and it’s still at the top for a few seconds.


can you tell me what texture pack did you used?thks

It’s default texture pack?

huh? i meant where did you get the pack

Maybe take this discussion to private messages as this is a bug report.


im a pvp texture pack creator so im interested in all kind of texture pack lol

As I said “he send me” so I don’t know