Teddy bare not spawning in

Ok so im trying to do the toy quest and ive alredy dont the the other ones but the 3rd toy wont spawn in

The toy isnt spawning i know of 6 toy spawn locations and it spawn ive loded in 3 toys to make shure they spawn i want to the first spot and i saw the jack in a box i left it be the i went to the next spot i saw the train the when i got to the third spot i saw the jack in rhe box again so i went the fist spot again a got the jack in a box there then whent to the second spot saw the train left it ro make shure the other jack in a box was there it wasent i went back to get the train then checked all 6 toy spawns and there was no bare the ony reason i know its a bare is becouse i saw it in a video ive reset and switched regions well over a 100 times just trying to get the third toy i always get the jack in a box then the train then nothing after that im on a ps4 and i just want to play the mission.

Hey there :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

This isn’t actually a bug, the locations of the toys are randomized in each hub, and you may find that the locations for you are different from the locations for other players.

Rest assured, if you explore the hub, you will find them all :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a great day!