Team chest and personal chest

I’ve been thinking this for a tiny bit they should add a regular chest as a team chest so you can put things that your teammates can get but the enchanted chest should be for things that you want to keep and not share because it gets annoying when your teammates keep taking your things when your saving up for something


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This would make it more like Hypixels Bedwars.

I love how everyone always says that if some of these ideas were added, it would be like Hypixel. I mean, Hypixel easily has the best Bed/Treasure/whatever Wars. But, some of Hypixel’s features just like this, would be a great fit for the Hive, so I don’t see much of a problem with this. (Except this kind of increases bullying)



So what. It can be annoying if you put emeralds for example in a chest, and your teammate snakes them. It wouldn’t be “copying hypixel” it would just be a neat and helpful feature


how does copying ONE FEATURE make it like hypixel bedwars
it’s not even copying a feature , it’s just implementing an idea


Yeah, it isn’t copying lol. One of the reasons why I don’t play trios/squads that much is because of teammates stealing my own personal valuables. This idea would be a lifesaver, but would probably make team chests useless.