Tap to throw doesn’t work anymore

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Murder Mystery all regions all maps

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Tap to throw for the throwable in murder mystery on mobile does not work anymore. I believe with the new minecraft version this has stopped working.

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IOS most recent version

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Hey there :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. Upon trying it myself I found that the throwable worked properly and I killed two players, do you or does anyone else have more information on how we can reproduce this?

Thanks in advance

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it works if u hit a solid block but if u hit the air it doesnt. This was reported and logged a while back tho. Also, slight update, before the new hub came out the hub items were the exact same where they would work if u tapped a block but wouldn’t work if u tapped the air but now you can tap the air with them and they still work. Maybe port that fix over to mm, dr, party, bd, and grav? (I checked only on dr and mm, tap-to-use the items still isn’t working unless u hit a solid block with them, I haven’t tested the rest)

lmk if u need a vid, i’d rather not add one here bc they take forever to do bc yt and stuff


Like the person above was saying, if you tap a block the throwable does work but if you tap mid air, it does not work anymore. Tap to throw was added a while back so we didn’t have to tap a block anymore and now it does not work anymore. I know quite a few people this isn’t working for. This also doesn’t work anywhere else such as being in hub and tapping air to open friends list, locker, or pets anymore like it used to.


update: it’s been fixed in mm and last year it was an issue in ghost invasion so maybe fix that before GI comes out?


Isnt party and bp the same: Block Party


meant bd :sweat_smile:
ty for catching that


Hey there,

This issue has been resolved now across all relevant games and regions.

Please submit another report if you believe we’ve missed something :slightly_smiling_face: