Takeover the point

This will be a type of pvp game where you will spawn with 10 player on both sides (total players 20 ) . The game will start if there is at least 14 players . There will be no money spawners and the player will start with leather cap(dyed based on the team) ,iron chestplate , leather leggings and boots (same as cap) . There will be red and blue team . They will have stone sward at frist and iron at the at the last point.
Now how will you play this game? Well it’s simple . One team will go for capture and other defend . The player will be given an objective to capture / defend (based on their goal) . The map will be big and a floating island . Player will have total 4 objective to capture or defend . One objective requires 25 secs to cpature if only one player is in but the speed will increase by 10% if more and more rushes in . Player will be given 7 mins to capture and there will be overtime if the number of attacker and defender is same when the time ends . If the number of defender is higher that attacker the defender wins and if its opposite the attacker wins .
Can you inaract in the island? Well yes . You will also be given terracotta (based on color ) and a picaxe . The blocks can be placed by the player and also broken . You can also breake blocks of the island for strategies .
now the radius of the capture / defending point will be 3 blocks and you cant brake them . Thoes point will be made out of wool of defender color and will change to attackers colour if they captures the point (captured progress will be saved even the attacker dies while capturing).
Respawning time will be 6 secs and there will be spawn protection until the players fight .
No hunger
The attackers will win if they captured all points.
The map size will be big as there will be many players playing the game . There will be mini islands too . The max level will be 75
So that’s my suggestion for a new minigame and in my opinion you guys may like it
I apologize I I had messed up with grammar and spellings .

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