Take Your Revenge Against Cheaters!

So, a lot of you probably know the exploit in Murder Mystery; the murderer hides in the snow cabinet in the hallway, and cannot be hit. This is really annoying and I think it’s being fixed (staff please reply if you know!). I hate this exploit, and I think this video is kind of funny…

  • I have experienced a player using this exploit.
  • I have not experienced a player using this exploit.

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Nice move there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve also another solution against this place : jump, and aim a little bit higher than the head. And hop, you can get the player :yum:


Didn’t know that was possible! Thanks for the tip!

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I did not realize that camera changing is really great idea to get view in blind corner. wow.
IT’s really useful to record his evidence.

I only used for selphie.:exploding_head:

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The Kid: Oh ho ho, I’m gonna stab ya!
Pixel: pulls out the gun I’mma about to end this man’s career!

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