Tagging Moderators

Hey guys! :wave:

I’ve noticed lately that you’ve been getting the attention of staff members either by tagging specific users or using the mod tag itself. While this is certainly one way of getting our attention, it really isn’t the most efficient.

Why is it inefficient?

When you see a certain person around a lot, I know it’s easy to assume that tagging them is the fastest way to get a response. However, more often than not, we are offline when we get pinged, meaning it takes a while for us to respond. It also means that whoever is actually online may not notice the issue.

Furthermore, regardless of whether a mod ping has been seen to, every moderator still receives a notification. This means that when we come online, we have to individually check each notification to ensure it was dealt with. We also need to spend time reading the topics for context as we aren’t typically informed why we’re being tagged. Overall, tagging moderators unfortunately means you’ll be waiting longer than usual for help.

What should we do instead?

If you ever need a staff member’s assistance with something, please make sure you are flagging it and not tagging us. Flagging is the best way to guarantee we see the issue and can handle it quickly and efficiently. By not tagging individual users, whoever is online first will be able to help you, therefore solving problems a lot faster. To flag a post, simply click the three dots at the bottom of it and then the flag symbol.

This brings the post directly to the attention of anyone online and shows us the exact reason it was flagged, helping us review issues faster. Thank you very much to those of you that submit flags already, or those that will do moving forward, instead of tagging. :slightly_smiling_face: