Tactics against flying players - Drop

There is not much time left for this drop ltm, however there is still some time for you to beat those flying/super lagging bois up there. They are not moving and you’re the last player alive, what can you do?
I’ve once had this encounter with afk flying player and tried to survive. After trying not to fall, the flying player fell down on his own in the last 20 seconds of the game (maybe he came back from dinner idk). It was hard because I had almost no blocks to stand on and prayed for restore level power up. I’m here to give some tactics to survive against this situation.

Tactic 1
Try to pick up as many power ups such as restore level, safe walk, vaults and jump boost. These items will keep you alive for the next power up to spawn, they spawn every 20 seconds. You can survive whole 10 minutes against these flying players up there. Knockback nemo won’t be necessary for you since you can’t get up to the first floor after a while.

Tactic 2
Try to destroy as less as possible blocks, especially on the last floor. If you go slowly or wait until it turns red you will be able to survive for longer. The new update made blocks destroy faster, however you can still save up some blocks to maximize your survival. It also requires you to be somewhat mediocre in parkour in order to make these difficult jumps.

Tactic 3
Try to stay on the highest floor. After all players died and the flying player is still alive, you can now get on the top and stay there as long as possible. Floors gets destroyed overtime, therefore staying on the highest floor will save you blocks below you. Not to forget, power ups spawns on the exact same floor you stay, making it easier for you to prepare with power ups for the last floor.

I hope these tactics are helpful in your next game if you meet one of these flying players. They are often afk and power ups can’t spawn oh their level.


I don’t really grind BD, but I think this is useful for players that want to grind there

I think they made it so that if that happens the player gets kicked