#SWIMCLAN2020 Hive Bedrock Swarms/Clan Guilds Recruitment Announcement

ah my bad i didn’t see the last bit

Maybe wanna lock this thread moderators…


No reason too, it has leveled out now and we are on good terms at the moment (I think).
And my thread shouldn’t be locked because of one random person calling clans toxic for no reason. If mods are to do anything they should just remove Pez’s responses in this thread.


I see zero reason to be rash to one another. Maybe just stop replying about it would benefit this post. :slight_smile:


how about pvp tests

Exactly, that person didn’t have anything to add on other than saying clans are toxic with no reason specifying why. That’s an important lesson, sometimes just don’t say anything.

That’s how we have recruited half our members so far, just by pvping with them and asking them to join afterwards if they impress us.