#SWIMCLAN2020 Hive Bedrock Swarms/Clan Guilds Recruitment Announcement

Swarms are coming out soon so I am giving you guys an entire month to make a montage of survival games and treasure wars clips to show that you are good enough of being in my clan. However if you are my friend I will just invite you in. In your response video it should be around 2-10 minutes long and it should have block clutches, killing sprees, killing well known players, trick shots, block traps, wiping squads and teams, combos, bow snipes, and any other cool pvp clips you hit. Due date is 3/1/2020 at the latest and there will be other times to showcase your clips to us. I believe we can have the best clan out there as we don’t just accept anyone like uwu and iii does, and we will have the most skillful players that will work together to make youtube videos together and win tournaments in the future. The rest of this video was an example montage of what an acceptable montage would look like. Ask any questions in discord at swimfan72#9707 or in the comment section below. When you post your video include #SWIMCLAN2020 or message me or comment below a link to the montage when you have made it and put it on youtube. No ign/username change required to get in this clan, any platform allowed, preferably xbox or pc with keyboard and mouse.



Im making my own clan with a silly name. LifeAfterHoney *

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interesting clan, do you hit minecraft clips or make browser extensions lol

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what if i play on a potato computer and cant record

thats to bad then i guess

what if, idl swimming?

Or I prefer to base people off of personality rather than ability

Void disagrees with you

void? who be that?

void is an extremely toxic pvp clan


I hate clans in general lmao, between them and devs they are all just too toxic and self obsessive

seems like you have bad experiences with clans and mods and devs. Basing people off personality over skill isn’t how it works, because if we did that our clan would not be as competitive if we just allowed anyone in. Just get good or stay away from clans if you don’t like them.

I generally do stay away from them, and “get good”??? You don’t know me, I’m probably one of the most successful trackpad players on mcpe, but nvm.
I respect that you want a competitive clan, I just don’t like the idea of making people record things like that, upto you though, your clan who am I to judge, someone that needs to “get good” apparently.


I think alot of the current clans can lead to toxicity and sometimes players using cheats to get in. This won’t apply to most swarms though, and not to this one either


I’m sorry xd, just get carried away with things like that

What? He didn’t tell you to get good

“probably one of the most successful trackpad players on mcpe”
Keked on that one, never even heard of you, especially the trackpad bit, sure makes you sound so tough.
The point of my clan is to win tourneys with my friends and other skilled people I meet, BUT also to make youtube collab videos with them for fun, as that is why we are accepting people who have 100 subs or more on YouTube and upload regularly. I find it strange that you don’t like other people showing off there clips on minecraft, it’s not like I am asking for personal info or something. Moral of the story is I don’t want to just let any average kid walk into the clan, I want to see them demonstrate there skill first. If a professional sports teams let anyone play for them, then there would be no professionals. I hope you can understand what I mean, and I can get carried away too. It’s unfortunate you think clans are toxic, but I can’t relate to that, as I only see an individual as toxic, not the whole team/clan just because of those few people.

I did, as the impression I got from them was that they knew they are not good enough for the clan, so they respond back saying clans are toxic with the type of mood “yeah I don’t want to be in one anyway”. So I tell them to get good if that is how they are feeling.