Swarms Leaderboard

In swarms bases there should be a leaderboard, which would show everyone in the swarm’s stats for each microgame: pvp, archery (vote here), tnt run, sumo etc. It could show wins, losses, points scored etc.

i do be grinding dat doe

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also vote for ur own suggestion cause it makes it go:


yeah i forgot, i voted for the other one though :sweat_smile: I had to eat

i thought you only cared about the cowch??


that was a joke…

I care about both actually, just dont diss the cowch


I thought swarms leaderboards were already confirmed?

i havent seen anything, but they might be

You are a big muffin. Stop making me more hyped for swarms ugh <3

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yes because i can totally be #1 if i make a priv swarm or if i join 1

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