[Swarms] Group Quests & Swarm Upgrades


Now I know that Swarms hasn’t actually been released yet… but I am already thinking of new ideas to improve what might not have been added. This idea would consist of mixing Swarms with Quests. Quests have definitely shown popularity across the Hive network, and swarms is an eagerly awaited feature… so why should we combine the two?


When a swarm is created and enough players are invited to the swarm, a new option would unlock over at the quest NPC. This would allow swarms to earn extra quest points by members showing that they are active on the server, and trying out all the minigames that the Hive: Bedrock Edition, has to offer. These quests would be much more challenging than the current solo player quests, having to reach a goal as a team/swarm.

For example:

  • Get 50 kills in TreasureWars
  • Win 100 Deathrun games in first, second, or third!
  • Destroy 150 treasures in TreasureWars
  • Kill the murderer 500 times in MurderMystery 1000QP

Now the quests would be up to the decision of the Hive staff members and possibly helpers, but each quest would be required to be done through members of your swarm, keeping the swarms active, and swarm members having fun at the same time. The prize quest points will be given out to each player in the swarm who has helped to complete the challenges/quests.

For example:

  • 4 players compete in a challenge “Win 100 Deathrun games in first, second, or third!” - Earned 250QP 250 / 4 = 62.5 (rounded up) = 63QP each.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, another way it could be done would be to lower the quest points earned through the challenges/quests, and give out that amount to each member who contributed in the swarm. The points earned could go towards the costumes, XP boosters, as well as pets and mounts. (once released)

But wait!

This opens up a whole new idea, spending the quest points earned as a swarm, to upgrade the swarm in terms of the max amount of members, a swarm tag in-game, and so much more that could be added in future development. I will make another suggestion based on this once Swarms have officially released across the network.

In short for those who don’t like reading:

When swarms is released add new quests that have to be worked on together as a swarm to earn more quest points.

Let me know what you think of this suggestion!

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Actually a good idea ngl


Nice idea Hazard! :grinning:


Good idea, but 50 final kills in TW would make more sense since spawnkillers would be like “it’s free real estate”


can you plz tell me what swarms is

Swarms is an upcoming feature being added to the Hive bedrock edition allowing players to create a guild/clan within the game.


I feel like the second option for rewards(smaller rewards & not divided) would be better, because it would be annoying if someone contributed a tiny bit but still brought down the amount you got from quest completion