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Swarms are coming Soon™ so I thought I’d make a compilation post of all of the information we’ve had regarding Swarms and custom servers so far. Be sure to reply with anything that I’ve missed!

DISCLAIMER: Some of this is based purely off of presumption due to a lack of information released. When we learn more I’ll edit this where appropriate.

What are Swarms?
Swarms are the Hive’s guild / clan system which is coming in the near future. You will need to have Hive+ to make a Swarm but regular players will be able to join a Swarm. The base Swarm is free but you will be able to pay for certain features and upgrades.

What features will Swarms have?
Swarms will have the following, but isn’t limited to:

  • Private / custom servers where stats tracking is disabled.
  • Small XP boost.
  • Custom leaderboards.
  • Swarm name as exclusive hub title.
  • Swarm chat (semi-private messaging for swarms with 3 or more members).
  • Custom Swarm ranks, with a maximum of 10 custom ranks.
  • Swarm battles.

What are the custom servers?
Custom MINIGAME servers have now released - you can read more here.

Each Swarm will have access to a Swarm server as well as custom minigame servers. These will have a Swarm base, with a spleef arena, pvp arena and a configurable parkour arena where you can select designs with different difficulty levels. It’s best compared to a hub as it has some of the base hub features but primarily gives you access to Swarm features. Visitors will be allowed in both the Swarm bases & private lobbies.

Swarm Base

Swarm Base

MailBot will be sat on the Cowch in the Swarm Base (cheers @OnlyOrbixx)

Spleef Arena

PVP Arena

Parkour Area

You’ll also be able to play private games of the minigames on Hive, with the ability to change some aspects of the game. It appears you’ll be able to give other players a code which will allow them to join your game.

Custom Swarm Servers - appears you’ll be able to increase the number of custom servers.

What will the custom ranks have?
You’ll be able to create 10 custom ranks, which might be upgradable. You can then assign these ranks different permissions.

Swarm Members View

Custom Member Ranks

Custom Rank Permissions

Custom Swarm ranks will be visible in your nametag.

What are Swarm relations?
You’ll be able to set relations with other Swarms. These will be friendly / neutral / enemy which will allow you to easily setup Swarm battles.

It appears members of a friendly Swarm will be allowed to visit your Swarm base as well as have the ability to cross-invite to custom servers.

What are Swarm battles?
You’ll be able to battle other Swarms in games such as Treasure Wars.

What other stuff do we know?

  • Private plots / housing system will be coming in the post-Swarm future.

UPDATE: 5th January 2021
Custom server limits have been increased, allowing regular players to create custom servers for at least one game and at least ten minutes gameplay. Hive Plus members had their limits increased to at least six games and at least 90 minutes gameplay. You can also now view the limits that apply to you with the new “View Limits” button on the custom server menu, accessible using /cs. You can read more about this here.


It was revealed on the discord that a tnt run and sumo arena are also being considered.


One game I see suggested a lot that I think would work well in the swarm pvp hall is the bridge. Most of the games revealed so far are fairly easy to develop, simple to understand, and fast paced. The bridge definitely meets all those requirements


i’m pretty sure it’s been announced that swarms are coming once 1.16 is released


why is that trademarked


Also it has been announced that there is some sort of swarm wars thing


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my friend coded a bridges plugin in 2 hours


Too bad everyone I know doesn’t like to play minecraft :frowning:


Bridge is super easy to make, I was able to make it in vanilla mc


I never realized swarms were going to be this big, and I’m honestly more excited for this than I am SkyWars at this point! Hype!! :smiley:

Also, will the swarm base be customizable? Will players be able to build/edit their own?


That would be really cool.

because the hive owns the rights to that trademark illegally (i am joking it’s just trademarked for it being a thing)

Thanks for this! Do we know what Swarm battles are?

This seems really cool, I was excited for swarms and now I’m even more.

Also @Complx I can relate to you, only 2 of my (irl) friends play minecraft.


Dang. This is so exciting! Swarm bases look really cool. I’m actually more hyped for swarms instead of SkyWars now


ya im more hyped for swarms as i was for skyways now


This is hype and all, but what surprises me is that spleef and duels are going to be swarm exclusives. Hopefully they are added as proper minigames, because I’m pretty sure a lot of people would want to be able to play some games on the fly with random people as well


Swarms have given tons of hype! This has been a huge project they have been working on for a while and I’m glad to see it coming together. Nice job @anon61832688 for putting together all the little teasers they released together. This will bring a new wave of adventure to the Hive :eyes: :revolving_hearts: :stuck_out_tongue:


Swarms? Tell me more what is is?

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Here you go @ThoughtOdin5292 ! :slight_smile: Also welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy those !