Swarm major update


[Swarm fight!!!, Swarm Leagues, Swarm advantages]

More information:

[Swarm fight is a mode where Swarms can mess up with other swarms examplewise in form of how many games ur swarm won or how many players ur swarm killed in total if ur Swarm wins in a Swarm fight it rises up its League that increases ur Xp boost, lets u join more bees in ur swarms and moree-> Swarm League: if ur Swarm goes up the top 10 swarms in leaderboard u became Limited stuff like a hub title (the leader from the swarm can choose), special items like a SWARM CAPE and the higher your swarm is in the leaderboard, the higher the rewards will be especially in the 15 best swarms you get exclusive things and final feature xp in swarms yes ure swarm can earn xp from playing games and with Swarm Xp u can increase ur Swarm advantages, so u buy advantage level with ur xp. example: ur Swarm got 10.000 Experience points and u can upgrade advantages examplewise permanent xp boost so ur swarm lvl up to the next level of XP BOOST and goes to level 3 and it examplewise gives u 3% more xp in every game (permanent)]


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Hive is already making swarms

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