SW/SWK/TW/SG Ranked Matches

Basically have an unlockable game mode were the more competitive players can grind. With solos, and duos. This would give a lot of PvP based players more of a reason to play. You could add costumes for each rank. You could base the “ladder” on wins and losses and each rank as you go up becomes harder to attain.

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This is an interesting idea, I’m just worried that it would lead to a lot of toxicity and people getting genuinely upset over this, which kinda messes with hive’s vibe.

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Ty for the welcome! However I think most games in the hive can already be toxic, just depends on the people. Just been looking to do something more competitive on Hive besides scrims.

I would definitely recommend grinding leaderboards then, you can view them by typing /leaderboard in chat