Survival Games Tips and Tricks to win!

This is my first video so any feedback would be much appreciated and welcomed even negative, if you did find it useful please consider subscribing. Next video on Bedrock will be trying to get 22 kills in Survival Games (managed to get 19 so far.)


I never even see that many people after the first 30 seconds ;-;

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Ikr, when we got 19 kills 2 people had left so it was really 19/20 which is just so sad :frowning: i have no clue how we’re going to do it! But I’m gonna try at the least :smiley: what’s your ign btw?


Just want to clarify that in hive bedrock edition there are no criticals - I said there were in the video and that was a mistake on my part. Thanks, hope you enjoyed the video :smiley:

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