Survival game like smp


I want survival like smp because just The Hive server can I play =(

This has already been suggested, please use the search feature next time.

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This has already been suggested here. In the future use the :mag: in the top right to avoid creating duplicate suggestions and enjoy your time on the forums!


Hello there, Welcome to the forums, hive won’t be adding survival/smp because its a minigame server and plans to stay so, use search feature next time as suggested above.

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hi welcome to the forums as @LaggyBoiShay said Its unlikely that the hive would add such a thing. firstly there is to many players on the hive for a smp it would be nightmare for the mods to deal with all the toxic players and grievers. Secondly it would not gain enough players to be a good investment for the server . Finally if you want a minigame like factions or just smp 's try looking for realms or servers there are a lot of options in that department

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