Survival Co-op Mode

4 player Co-op Mode

I think we need a survival mode with some sort of objectives to complete. Like a heist or protect the item from hostiles.

A PvE 4 player game sounds nice and fun to team up with friends or randoms against waves of enemies.

Let’s be honest, Survival on bedrock is so scuffed. If you’ve ever played on Mineplex, you’ll know what I mean. Hacked items everywhere, duping, hackers, you name it. I have a ton of experience in that kind of stuff, and let me say that bedrock needs either a very strong moderation team on the server, or there needs to be an update to bedrock.

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This is a duplicate suggestion, please use the search feature before making a suggestion


I just wanted a game that’s a coop mode u can complete and not survive until u die

They’re not talking about that type of survival, they meant a PvE minigame. Something like Herobrine on the java server.


Pretty sure that’s because Mineplex’s anticheat is scuffed.
If you look at Lifeboats version of the game you can see it’s doing just fine. :slight_smile: