Suggestion - Hive UHC Gamemode

An Ultra Hardcore game for the Hive would be fun. Basically there’s like 15-30 people or something like that and you have a mid point where everyone spawns, then you run out into the random generated map and collect recources. You can only regenerate health with golden Apple’s/heads (killed player drops a golden head.) Theres probably much more you could do but this is just the basics.


yeah, not many servers have a good UHC, so maybe The Hive could be the first good one.

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I agree, this would be amazing! I have a discord server where we have been hosting bedrock UHC tournaments, and people love it!


Yeah, can you host another one? Last time it was 12 am for me lel


Hey can I join that discord? FoodPlayz#5738 kthx

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OK accept my friend req

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