Suggestion For A New LTM/Game


Add a mini game or LTM called Party Games, make it include a variety of games randomized each time u play until the the game finishes. The person that finishes with the most points wins.

More information:

[Include any other information that you think is relevant here]

So basically Miner Ware on Cubecraft but on Hive?

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I think they are trying to make something like this called “Arcade Games.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, which I probably am.


close, mixed arcade
pretty sure it’ll include tnt run, sumos, and i’m not sure what else
or i did know but i’ve forgotten

also to the original poster ltm is usually for seasons, like groundwars for spring, ghost invasion for fall, andd whatever its called for winter i dont remember
so in what situation would this be present


Don’t forget we have Sky Royale currently as an LTM, that is if it doesn’t get the TWM treatment

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But isn’t Sky Royale basically a skywars version of Treasure wars mega?

Or is that just me?

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TNT Run and a Sumo arena will be in the Swarms base - not Mixed Arcade. The only confirmed minigame for Mixed Arcade is Blockparty.

As said above, Mixed Arcade will include a selection of party-type minigames. There is no release date for this :+1:


ah my mistake then, sorry. at least i had one thing right ig