Suggestion Consideration

There are many well thought out suggestions made in regards to certain gamemodes. I recall a staff member saying that when a game update is being considered, the staff team go through suggestions for that gamemode.

I have a few questions in regards to this.

  1. What brings up the need for a game update
  2. When are suggestions for updates outside of specific gamemodes considered (like QoL features )


Still quite curious about this, if anyone has seen anything that I’ve missed about this, please let me know.

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Bump, again still curious.

I don’t really get what you are asking. I look at this post every time you bump it and I have decided to give a rough estimate.
I remember hearing Splodger speak about whenever they update a game, they look at some things that suggestions wanted. So, if a Survival Games Suggestion got 60 votes, they would look at that when they make an update, to see if they could add it.

I don’t know if this is what you wanted, but I will say it anyway lol.

Yes I am already aware of that. I am specifically referring to suggestions which aren’t for a specific gamemode but rather the server in general

Hi! So, these are a bit tricky to answer because there are so many variables but I’ll do my best. For game updates, it isn’t necessarily about need, as they can come about for any number of reasons. Maybe it’s a really popular game or has a lot of neat suggestions. It could also even be that we had a cool idea and started updating a game mode to implement it. We’re looking at different things all the time and our priorities are always shifting, so sadly there’s really no set answer for that one.

For non-game suggestions, it’s again a combination of things like high demand or something that can come as a part of another update. Something to keep in mind is that we can’t usually see an idea and just accept it. There’s a lot of decision-making on who handles it, how long it will take, if it will be worth the effort at the time, etc.

All in all, I really can’t give you a set answer but we do see the suggestions and read them, even if they aren’t added or responded to right away. Sometimes it’s just a case of us waiting for the right time and resources. :+1:t2:


Alright, I get it. Thanks for your response, this thread can be closed now ^-^

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