Suggestion Chat Idea

Hi I’ve been a player on the Hive server for man years now and recently joined the discord server. When I joined the server I noted that there was not a suggestion server chat. I know that there are these forums but some people feel unconformable sharing their emails and personal information on here. So maybe you could add a suggestion box so people could share their ideas with others on the discord we all know and love. Thank you!

Hey there! When you put in your email on the forums, it is completely private. No one can see it at all. It’s only there to prevent spam accounts and to verify your own account. :slight_smile:


I understand that but why not add a suggestion if their already is a discord server not that this isn’t working

Lifeboat has something like this and it has a few issues

  1. Can’t comment on anything, can only upvote/downvote
  2. Suggestions get buried very, very quickly
  3. As a result of 2, lots of dupes (discourse has something to kinda prevent this, but alot some people ignore it
  4. Since you can’t comment on something, you can’t explain why you hate something

I wouldn’t be 100 percent against it, but keep the forums open if you want suggestions, if you close the forums, close those also since they wouldn’t make a ton of sense