Stuck on "Connecting to external server"

I’m using Minecraft Bedrock on Windows 10
Unfortunately Hive won’t let me in it just stucks on connecting to external server then just says connection timed out and unable to connect
I need help

Try turning your internet on and off multiple times, and then try restarting your PC/Phone/Console

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Well I only restart my wifi just once. I was frustrated that I completely made another microsoft account. I don’t understand why my new miicrosoft acc can join the server but my main acc (BlameKick67) can’t it just stuck there.

But I’ll try restarting the wifi multiple times

in that case, here are some things that may be able to help =) here’s a few things you could try:
-restarting your Minecraft.

  • attempting to join the Hive through the direct IP’s (baring in mind console cannot do this)
    • Main IP:
    • NA Region:
    • EU Region:
    • AS Region:
  • uninstalling your Minecraft (make sure you back up any worlds)
  • or restarting your internet / router (as said above).

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Okay I think the problem was my wifi router. I restarted it twice and it fixed the problem.
But then I leave the hive server. I can’t join back again its still stuck on Connecting to external server.
I’ll figure it out the rest and I’ll update this thread how I do it.
Thank You guys!

Quick Update: so I figured it out. And yeah just as I said earlier, it’s the internet router that caused the problem.
So what I did was to use my own Simcard data to play Hive server and it worked. I wasn’t stuck on that same screen “Connecting to external server”

Also lol I see you are a Aot fan as well.
Get ready for Season 4 Part 2!! Aaaaahhhh

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