/streak Command

Shows you your current and longest login streak.

Login streak?

Oh whoops yes.

However if the hive doesn’t queue the old data they literally can’t do this, I do agree on adding this for future ones though


Yep, I keep my current - over 50 days. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have a 96-day streak. I think I’ve logged in every day since they added it.

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Wow!!! OMG!!! :scream:

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I’m going to bump this post, because there’s been some recent updates to login streaks. There are now rewards available for obtaining certain streaks. For example, you unlock “The Dedicated” title for having a 100-day streak.

I feel like this could be very useful for seeing how close you are to unlocking these rewards. :+1:


do u get anything higher than 100 day streak? like a 150 or a 200 or a 225 (my current login streak here)

What do you want? The addicted?


I think Clank said something about a costume at a 365-day streak. :thinking: Hype?


maybe, tbh that sounds like a good title :smiley:

Rolling this into our next big update. Please note we don’t currently track your longest streak, so at launch this may show inaccurate information.