Strategy's People have TW

So this is what most players do in TW feel free suggest any strategy’s people have

  1. Instant Raider: The kids who don’t think things through and speed bridge (or slow bridge) to your base, they can do it well if they have attacking speed (but since the attack speed is down it’s not a most recommend strategy).

  2. The Protecc: This person might be a helpful player do to some player do protect their base, but i hope the person doesn’t make a 1 block layered one because that will screw you up (but this is a good strategy for the start of the match).

  3. I’m The Hacker: Just no you’ll get banned (just nope you will get banned).

  4. The Killer: So this guy might be good at killing off players and know how to speed bridge but, uhh he doesn’t think things through all the times but, hey you got a good player on your side (this will be a good strategy if can do well to fight a player but good strategy).

  5. I <3 Hiding: This player will just be hiding i the whole game but will delay the game a lot, but don’t be fooled you can actually find that player (good strategy if your treasure is destroyed but remember you can’t hide forever).

  6. The Troll: Will keep on messing around, hit people off the map, even punch people off the cliff, but really he can’t always get away with it (but hey do this if you want to mess around people a lot).

  7. Friend Maker: The person who teams a lot (don’t do this).

  8. You’ve Activated My Trap Card: The guy who make traps on their bridge yeesh that’s a big mine field, but you can build over it (do this if you want to 2x the protection to your base).

  9. Ahh, the sky is Beautiful: That Player who made a skybase so he doesn’t die, but seriously do you think you’re safe up there you might get snowballed of and the build limit existed for a long time (you will get banned if you do this so not go)


  1. The Flash: That guy who kills the neighbors (by i mean enemy’s) next to him and runs at center and gets diamond armor and will bowspam if they have to (recommended strategy, and also Suggested by @IguanaFizzy27)

That’s it you can suggest more if you want but that’s it

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  1. The one to Build up, knows how to Speed Bridge, good at Killing People and has great Game plan.

@Sandinmymuffin that’s basically Skybaser and the Killer

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I usually speed bridge out to the middle, get 5-7 diamonds, run back, grab 2 diamonds, fully upgrade summoner, buy a diamond sword, buy chain armor, dominate the middle and get 20 diamonds, destroy opposing teams. Don’t know what category that is. haha

I really think it’s mostly the killer at that point

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  1. The Flash - The one who rushes their neighbour (the other one that’s away, not towards the diamond summoner), takes their diamond summoner, takes out the other neighbour, builds to mid, grabs 20 emeralds, bow and iron sword and wins the game. Also occasionally bow-spams. I’ve met a few of these people and rarely I will try this strategy if I’m in desperate need.