Story behind your username

Tell us how or why you chose the username you have in Minecraft.
Some stories are very intricate, while others have no real details.

I’ll start with where I came up with the name SirUntouchable0.

One of the OG Minecraft servers on Java was Cookieslap. The premise was to hit people off the edge in a king of the hill style game with highly enchanted knockback cookies. When a version of cookieslap resurfaced in 2016, I was the #1 player, reaching new score limits. People had a hard time hitting me. It was around that time I wanted a new MC account, so I decided to name it SirUntouchable.
As for Bedrock, the 0 at the end was simply because “SirUntouchable” was already taken. Had I known you could space out the words it would have been “Sir Untouchable”.


lifeboat forums (it got taken down)

my original username was MCEpicGamer because I was a cringy 10 yr old

i changed it to DabbingEpicGamer because someone dared me to

i then changed it to DabbingUnicornGamer bc yk, why not?

i had an mc friend at the time who would always call me unikern so I said “screw it, i’m unikern now” and changed it to DabbingUnikernGamer

then I removed the gamer because it was stupid

my discord username is unikern. and my mc username is unikern1o and my hive forums username is dabbingunikern bc i’m too lazy to remove the dabbing

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I got my name LeopardJay because my favorite animal is Leopard and jay is the shorter way saying jayden

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I got my name from the lion king :o


Don’t mind my username here, I can’t change it to what my new username is D2SE.
I have no idea why I originally having “Gaming” there.

I have somewhat of a nickname that I don’t even get called by in real life, only on the Internet. My nickname is D2. It is not a reference to R2-D2 from Star Wars but from Terminator 2, “T2.” My first name is Daniel, thus the “D” and the 2 comes my suffix II. DII doesn’t look good and D2 looks better.

The “S” is my last name initial.

As for the “E” it’s my favorite letter because of the E meme.

I first got a console of my own in 2014 and of course had to make an ign of my own. I first changed my name to Shinningfire7 (oblivious to the fact it was spelt wrong) within the first week of having my xbox. I did not realize it was spelt wrong for at least two years and lived with it until late 2019. I finally changed it on December 22nd 2019 because of xbox’s free brand-wide name change. I tried to change it to xShine but that had already been taken so I settled with xShine swag. I didn’t want to put any clan abbreviation in my ign in case of me wanting to leave the clan or join one in the future.

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my cringe 12 year old self doxxed me and made the name xyzryan123039. I was looking for OG names on Java one day and searched Visually and found that Supreior wasn’t taken—the og guy changed his name from supreior to visually. Long story short, it’s my new name

might edit to fix grammar when I get onto my laptop

Moderators/Admins of a Discourse instance can change usernames – if you PM a Hive Admin, they should be able to change it for you.

I’ve been using the Simartar handle for a while now and I actually can’t quite remember where it came from… definitely remember first seeing it as my iOS gamecentre handle, but I’m not sure if I picked it or if it was generated.

Don’t forget the xX!

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My real name is Tucker and my nickname is Tuck and the 3998 came from the free 2nd name change. I’m hella uncreative.


My username was auto-generated by Microsoft when I originally created my Xbox account (on iOS). I’ve stuck with it ever since.

I used alot of dumb names until one day I thought of thegamingtoyYT and that sorta became my name, I referred to myself as TGT but some music group has that and since my java was SwordHunter7 I just made that TGT7 and was like “Yeah, that seems alright”. I also used the lbsg accounts thegamingtoy and Xx_Toy_xX, but due to better together those vanished into the ashes, and thegamingtoyYT became my name because thegamingtoy was taken for some reason

sonicjo fire ho is my name because i use to be a sonic fan but that died down and i was mostly a fan of other games but this is a original name in the xbox community (yes i did check that no one did have this name)

Someone asked who Pizzas was and it’s me so… ImPizzas :pizza: :pizza:


Around the end on 2016 I learned about minecraft and started playing it on a multiplayer app (You didn’t have to make an account) with my irl friend, he once had a blue slime skin and I liked it so when I made my first Xbox account BlueSlimePE, it didn’t work so I made another called BlueSlime which also didn’t work but the 3rd time’s a charm as they always say. I picked BlueSlimeMC, and now I’m mad that I couldn’t get BlueSlime by changing the name of my old account but meh it’s alright.


I just made mine up and thought it sounded nice.


I pretty much was a 10 year old choosing a gamertag, and I like fire and dragons, so I wanted to do firedragon and some random number. That was taken, so I chose blazedrake. It sounds decent still imo, so I just use it everywhere

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Well 8-9 years ago I was just a smol boy in my room named B1izzardassian5. (Had a different gamertag then this but not discussing it.) Anyhoo. It was spelt wrong because I was a big dummy at the time and recently just changed it to DemonWolfBoy884 (since someone had DemonWolfBoy) Taken. That came about since it was my Minecraft Java name since near 2013-2015. So. I kept it ever since.

I chose Arthur78234 because my real name is Arthur. Though, I wanted my gamertag to just be “Arthur”, but Xbox notified me that the name was already in use.

So I putted my 5 fingers in 5 number keys and typed using them. Then the “78234” was formed. So I didn’t actually choose it, but hey, that’s my name now.

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I just chose that username “MehdiEpic600” because my real name is Mehdi… And “Epic” Huh… Just a thing I did randomly and “600” was just a random number too but actually the “Epic” have a signification because my Minecraft friends are Always stunned by my buildings…

Here is two of the most recent building I’ve done on my city map :

I hope it’s good ! And if the names of the pictures are french it’s because I am french okay ?


@mckristiyan28yt is my name, because MC (MineCraft is my favorite game), Kristiyan - my name, 28 - my favorite number - YT - because I named my Bedrock Account YT for my YouTube channel, that dies. ;-;. But I replace YT with Pro.