Stop using this topic will close in () minutes/hours from mods (i think it was the mods - correct me if wrong)

New users wont know to dm mods or stuff but when a topic gets automatically closed after a helper answering a question when a user joins back, its gonna be a problem. What if they have another question for that topic?

Mods should stop doing that because it can cause confusion and problems. Espcially to new users. :slight_smile:

try not to sign your posts, we can already see you username.


I’m sorry, i will remove that :slight_smile:

Do you have any sort of evidence for this, or did you just make that up? People ain’t ever gonna trust some random’s sources y’know. They are only going to trust, specifically, mods, helpers and owners, and you are not one of these people.

Also the mods can manually close threads as well, I don’t see a point for this. And i’m 100% sure this is a feature packed with Discourse that is non-removable or non-editable.

Also the time limit (or time bomb, whatever you wanna call it) lasts for pretty much up to 24 hours, and then the thread would close, so the user would still have time to reply to add anything they want to their thread if they want to.

In short: I don’t see a real and logical point for this and it feels unnecessary to implement.


They just started to use it, im suggesting for them to stop :slight_smile:

What if they have stuff to do and they have to miss that amount of time? Like school or work

I had to leave for like a week because i had a lot of stuff to do (chores and school)

Nor school neither work lasts 24 hours.

for what? and I still don’t understand your argument with “time limits will make users freak out”.

this is still unnecessary


How? I find it okay for a topic to say, “we’re closing this because the issue was solved”. Nothing wrong with that

Hey there,

I understand your concerns, and we have definitely thought about this.

You are correct: sometimes, we will set a topic timer once a question is answered. We do this so that people have time to respond and ask further questions before the topic is closed and new replies are disabled.

I’d like to also add that if a new user has a question pertaining to a topic that was closed, they are of course able to create a new topic in the category and get help there.

I’m not saying that this way of handling these posts is perfect. I’d love to hear some more opinions. Do you think that the timer should be longer? Should we drop the timer altogether and instead close the topics manually? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thunder you missed the chance to say electric boogaloo

That aside I feel like the timer should be removed since it probably isn’t hard for mods to manually lock topics once the question has been answered

In case anyone has further questions I think they should only lock topics when the post is flagged for ready-to-lock


This feature is cool as it helps to keep things tidy, but it makes more sense for us to keep such threads open, for the reasons you mentioned.

For now we will stop using this feature, and will leave relevant threads open until the original poster replies :slightly_smiling_face: