Still unable to join the hive

I reported this a month ago but every time I’m trying to join the hive it doesn’t work. It says unable to connect to world. I emailed the support staff but it still isn’t fixed. Is there another way to fix this or if your fixing it can you please tell me when you think it will be done

Thank you

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What have you done so far to fix this?


If you are using a vpn, try turning it off


I use Nintendo switch by the way and when I asked the support team they only said they should fix it at some point

Redownload minecraft


Then try restarting your router.


These are not from here but should apply too in addition to what’s said above:

Try noting the message that pops up when trying to join, if there is one
Try manually adding the server to your server list (I’m not sure what the IP is)
Make sure your Minecraft version is the latest
Restart Minecraft and wait until it loads fully and you can see the ping and player count before clicking to join the server
Try reconnecting your internet connection to your device
Try using the default Steve skin to see if your skin format is the problem (probably doesn’t apply here)


As stated above if your error message states ‘Unable to connect to world’", please try the following:

Restarting your Wifi/router
Restarting Minecraft
Restarting the device
Attempting to join the Hive through the direct IP addresses if possible, as listed below.
Main IP ~
NA ~
EU ~
AS ~
Uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft, ensuring you backup any worlds you wish to keep if necessary. (Console automatically saves)


Okay I will try thank you

I’ve tried the ips and they didn’t work I will try the internet then my game thanks btw

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Okay, actually…

Try to sign out and sign back in from your Microsoft account. I had this issue before where I tried restarting and restarting but it didn’t work, until I signed out and back in.

I just redid my Microsoft account and it still doesn’t work

I think 1 of the possibility’s is that my friend got me banned. He built something inappropriate and blamed it on me when I don’t build it. It was in just build duos. If that’s the case can you please have a look and see if I’m banned. By the way this has happened since December. Please let me know

My gamer tag is jackplays2008

It should have given a message if you were banned, but idk.

It didn’t come up with a message though I just couldn’t get on the following day

What should I try now as the Microsoft account didn’t work

Create a new Microsoft account or try on a separate device.

I only have Nintendo switch minecraft so I’ll try making a new account. But before I do have other Nintendo switch players said about this aswell?

If not please tell me

I have been reading through this and I have come across the same problem. I can play all I want on MCPE on my phone and iPad. I try to join on multiple accounts on my switch, boom! Unable to connect to world I have tried all these suggestions and nothings worked.

Which version are you on