Steve glitch fix

Hello I’ve seen a lot of people getting steve glitch again since 1.17 was released. I found a tutorial that fixes this glitch. It worked for me:)


even restarting the game would work


Nope restarting doesn’t work for me

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which device do u play on?, if it’s pc then it should work, it will revert back to the player skins

forget restarting, Even leaving and joining hive will work, but im not sure if its for all devices.

also: ‘only allow trusted skins’ should be off


I play on my mobile phone and tried all of the methods
The above video didn’t work for me either!


THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS!!!.. I really dont know how is that just simply turn off trusted skin on settings and everything will be fine??? i already did almost everything! Believe it or not im far as fruck! Restarting my device million times… Deleting all of my minecrafts data, cache, worlds, resource packs etc… even i also reinstall my app too! Yeah sometimes it works but its just for a minute! I have 8gb ram and below 60ms on hive… stable lower than 20ms… it starts when i update to 1.17… i dont know if this is a minecrafts bug or all of the featured servers problem… plss help me what should we do… :’(((

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ngl this isnt a problem everyone is facing, it’s gotta be something related to your internet or your version of the game

So using no texture and 1 texture then play Hive Minigame and it working,is work for me, Bonus, using no allow trusted skin by not deleted Hive Texture or allow trusted skin but deleted Hive texture! “And one more thing This Is Work For me!!” work any version :sunglasses: :shushing_face: :blush:

ur phone must be from the 80’s or smt…

i would like to think its a feature and not a glitch, it gets turned on when your device is having trouble, the glitch might be that it turns on when it shouldnt.

im basically saying, the steve feature is a low performance mode.

All phones bascilcally get it instantly.

Whenever I’m on mobile I usually get it with 1-2 mins.

no LOW memory everyone had that with me

all phone like that NOT A SINGLE ONE