State what your post got removed for


State exactly why your post was removed by a moderator

More information:

My posts get removed quite a bit(not complaining) but a lot of the time, I don’t know what for. For example once I got flagged for necroposting on a forum game, although I thought it was off topic.

I would say this is too complex, but only a few dozen or so people frequent the forums, so they should do this because why not


I’m going to mega bunp this. The current system is mostly informative, as it can give a message based on the selected option, but it doesn’t work at all for custom reasons. It just says that someone thought it needed staff attention. And to solve any complexity issues it would just paste the reason given in the flag. I guess there is the possibility that how flagging works isn’t controllable by the hive & is just part of discourse, but this would be good if it was possible, especially with the increase in flagging recently.



you could make a post revealing the cure for cancer and it would get flagged and removed by staff


I feel like this thread is kind of unhelpful. Perhaps I’m wrong, but this seems as if it is designed to be a place for people to complain (even satirically) about moderation. While sure it may be funny, it really does not help the community long term. Just my two cents :thinking:

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Additionally, flags (specifically the one a comment can be added), are anonymous. The typing style, word style and words used can realistically be used to define whom flagged it. That is unless the Moderator gives the reason.

But then if the reason isn’t one of the automatic reasons, you have no idea what you did wrong

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we dont want to know who flagged we just want a reason why it was removed


If people complain that’s not the topics fault