Staff vs Players Party

A few days ago I was playing treasure wars mega for a quest and I came up with an idea where we gather staff members and regular players in a party and have the staff fight against the players. I thought this could be a fun way to interact with the staff on the hive. I think wars mega would be the best mode to do this but feel free to suggest some other games that you think could work.

Edit: I was waiting to figure out a time and date.


If you could provide some more information like date, time, etc. I would be happy to join :smiley: :+1:


Yeah, this would be awesome! If it’s this weekend, I won’t be free though… What about Murder Mystery? :thinking:

Oh we should all join a giant voice call.


TW? I luv treasure wars uWu


Sure this would be fun it would be cool to See what would happens but their a issue right? Their can only be 8 in a party

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we can do Treasure Wars MEGA if 3 people with hive + makes a party of 8 and then hop into MEGA at the same time or if possible admin could tp all of us

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bro I’d be so down. If u could give a time and date ill be there

When? Idk if i wanna join but just in case

ye this is good but imma stay muted

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staff would get whupped tho

i need a time and date so i know if I can participate

I would totally join give date and time and I can host one party waiting for the next 2

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I was under the impression that admins and other staff had a bigger party size :confused:

mj would like to have a word with you

maybe they can teleport us to a private testing server?

Maybe they could. We’d have to figure something out for this to work. I definitely do want this to work out because I thought it would be very fun to interact with the staff and have a friendly competition against them.

mj and Pizzas would whup us tho

unless @Sterloin and @anon14919351 fought them
or maybe swimfan72

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MJ will carry us :sunglasses:
You guys better watch out :eyes:

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@Sterloin would like to have a word with you

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Oh yeah, if we had swim, staff would go down

You mean MJ would like to know my location lmao

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