Spring maps not being added

So it’s the 7th of May and the spring maps aren’t added yet. so I’m concerned on why devs are slacking with the spring version of the maps. so pls add them soon because they are beautiful

Yeah, where the heck these maps at

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they already have enough on their hands to deal with so please be patient


Bro what do you mean patience spring ended already and they didn’t add spring maps. They literally have the maps built they just add it to the rotation

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I think they could still add the spring maps if they do it very soon, but it might be a little late.

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@here. this dosen’t have to be voted. it was just a public question to see if they were going to do it this year. well lets wait for a staff member to deal with this

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@here only works on discord, it doesn’t work on the forums. same with @everyone


I think they are working on the maps but probably just have other stuff on their hands to deal with rn

there’s no point in releasing the spring maps in summer tho, like if they have other stuff to do that’s fine, i just dont understand why some people are acting like they’ll still bother adding them if they didnt already.

Then again Americans think that may is spring so idk it could still be on the table

As a brit, I would say start of summer is in June

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In America, summer starts at the end of may, and ends at the start of august.

As far as i know, may is spring in the entire northern hemisphere

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Really? Maybe just not in Ireland, for us it’s Nov-jan is winter, feb-april is spring, may-july is summer and August to October is winter.

It’s probably to do with some old Celtic tradition for us I guess

  • Just checked, yeah it is. We use the Gaelic calendar which is different for whatever reason to do with farming. My life has been a lie this whole time.
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yeah i guess its a month ahead, as in america its Dec-Feb is winter, Mar-May is spring, Jun-Aug is summer, and Sep-Nov is fall (unless you live in South Carolina, where March to September is summer, and October to February is winter. It’s always hot or cold in south carolina. Never in between.)


I’m so confused, so does summer go for two months?


Probably yes. We have very short summers anyways haha

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No all seasons last for 3 months, What i meant was summer lasts from the entire second half of may to the entire first half of august.

Seasons are weird man

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bro in australia christmas is in summer and literally every picture is santa on the beach :skull: :sob:

second result for googling Australian christmas

i guess its we are too busy riding kangaroos in the scorching sun while surfing while fending off the man eating spiders all while being upside down disconnected from the rest of the world


I can’t imagine how hot he must be in that thick winter clothing.


as a fellow australian, I can confirm that you missed eating vegemite, fairy beard and timtams


Do ye also meet men from Brussels who are 6 foot 4 and full of muscle?